Just Call Me Chef?

Guess what?! Among other things that happen when you live on your own, I’m learning to cook (with help, of course)!

Yes, I’ve always loved food (my Instagram feed proves it) but I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m much more of a food-admirer and baker-extraordinare (well, kind of) than I am a chef. I love good tasting food, and I love creating whole, well-balanced meals, but I’ve always believed that it’s really tough to cook well on a tight budget (and for one person, mind you).

But — I’ll let you in on another secret! It’s not as hard as you think it is.

Last week, I was lucky enough to score a sample box from Blue Apron meals. Blue Apron is a company committed to helping people like myself who are eager but intimidated in the kitchen by giving them all the resources they need to cook an adventurous & flavorful meal for two. The cool/unique twist is that they provide everything from instructions, to perfectly portioned and labeled ingredients. All you need is a kitchen and an open mind (and in my case, a cute apron like this polka dot one from Anthropologie).

For my first meal, my roommate and I decided to try our hand at the Miso-Glazed Eggplant with Green Tea Rice recipe they included in my box. (I suggested a vegetarian box, just to see what kind of fun things they’d send me to make with fresh veggies!).

Somehow, all of this…

… turned into this!

And it was so much easier than even I imagined!
After washing and prepping the eggplant, my roommate whipped up the miso and we spread that mixture on top before sliding the tray in the oven. While the veggies were cooking, we combined the green tea powder with our sushi rice and sesame seeds.

That was pretty much it! Can you believe it was really that simple? (Neither can I). My roommate and I pretty much inhaled both of our plates because the flavors and textures were that delicious.
Looking forward to more adventures in the kitchen to come — but for the weekend, I’m excited to get back to my baking roots to whip up some original recipes for “work!” Fun, right?


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