Monday Morning Musings

I’m a lot like you. I look in the mirror and see flaws, things that need fixing, pieces of my life that are missing, blemishes that’ve been there so long they seem like they’ve turned into scars.

Rarely do I look in the mirror and say, wow, you’ve got it all.

But what if we woke up every morning and said exactly that? What if we woke up and started listing the reasons why we’re worth so much more love than we’ve ever imagined? What if instead of the doubts and fears and insecurities, we were full knowing that we’re always enough?

No matter the size of your bank account.

No matter the dress size.

No matter if you’re single/dating/married/divorced.

No matter the job.

No matter how much you beat yourself down, because you simply don’t feel like you’re doing enough.

Something magical happens when you step outside of your life, even for just a moment, and you realize just how incredibly blessed and lucky you really are.

Rarely do I actually cry in church, but something yesterday just broke inside of me. We sang a song that resonated so deeply that standing with my eyes closed was all I could do to hold myself together. We talked about grace, about knowing that His love for us erases all blemishes. All scars. And that even in our greatest weakness, he’s always there to catch us when we fall.

After church, a friend and I were walking in the middle of New York when we “happened upon” an magical view of the Empire State Building, lit in purple and covered by an incredible nighttime fog.

Still feeling the emotional effects of a great sermon, I just had to lift my hands and acknowledge that I actually live here. In this city. In a city that some people dream about living in. In the city that’s known for its dream-seekers, artists and musicians, game-changers, entrepreneurs and role models.

Early this morning, while still reflecting on what I was feeling last night, the song “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes came on the radio during my workout. Don’t laugh — it’s a good song. (And don’t lie and tell me you haven’t wanted to belt it out yourself…).

Do yourself a favor today.
Read the lyrics.
Let them sink in.

Know that you’re wanted.
That you’re 100% worthy of a love that runs deeper than you or I could ever imagine.

As good as you make me feel
I wanna make you feel better
Better than your fairy tales
Better than your best dreams
You’re more than everything I need
You’re all I ever wanted

And I wanna call you mine
Wanna hold your hand forever
And never let you forget it
… I wanna make you feel wanted

And then give someone a hug, just because.



One thought on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. Love this so so much! More often than not, I find myself dwelling on the negative and have to stop and remind myself how much positivity there is in my life. Thank you for posting this as a great reminder during a stressful time in my life!


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