Healing Broken Hearts, One Love Letter at a Time

If all bloggers had to agree on just one thing, I bet it’d be this.

Words are powerfulVery, very powerful.

And beyond that, the best words have a way of speaking through people, through all the messiness and confusion, directly to the heart. Because when a string of words are put together, in just the right way, they’re pure magic. They can move people to tears, heal broken hearts, mend friendships and even work miracles.

The best wordsmiths know the beat and rhythm of words, picking each one with precision and care, knowing that when someone else reads, they could very well take on a completely different meaning. I’d bet that most everyone has had a moment where a word or phrase hit them like a ton of bricks and knocked down walls in their heart they never even knew existed.

And people ask why I want to be a writer.

Well, here’s my answer. That’s why. Because words, directed at the right person at the right time, can heal even our deepest wounds. Especially when we can touch them, hold them, feel the emotion and pain and care that went into scripting each and every letter.

So when one of my favorite organizations, The World Needs More Love Letters, asked if I’d be interested in writing a love letter for them on my blog, I jumped at the chance to say yes. More Love Letters is an organization focused on lifting, empowering, and mobilizing individuals through tangible acts of love — namely, writing thousands upon thousands of handwritten love letters to the people in the world who need them most.

In the spirit of the holiday season, More Love Letters’ annual  “12 Days of Love Letter Writing” campaign is 12 days packed to the brim with love letter requests, social media mayhem, giveaways, holiday cheer, and (of course) non-stop scripting of handwritten letters for individuals around the world who are so deserving of some extra holiday cheer. (So mark your calendars from now until December 20, 2013, grab your cocoa, and get more details here!)

Today, I’m writing a letter for Steve. And here’s why you should pick up a pen, some stationary, a cup of tea and write one too:

We’d love some help scripting some letters for Steve. His loving daughter writes to us: “My dad is an amazing father to his five children, myself and my four brothers. He works so hard so that all of us can be anything we desire. This past August my family went through a tragedy, especially one that a parent should not have to face. My big brother passed away unexpectedly at the age of 31. It has been hard on us all but I see the pain he still carries around every day. He is trying to stay strong for us but I think a bundle of encouragement would do his heart some good. This is the first holiday season without my brother and some love letters would help ease the pain.” Join us in bringing love and comfort to this amazing father!

My Love Letter:


I wish more than anything that I could you a great big hug right now. But even more than that, I wish that your son could give you a great big hug. I’m not sure I can say that I know what you’re going through, because the pain of losing a child is something no one can even fathom unless you’re burdened with experiencing it yourself.  

But here are a few things I do know…things that I hope will offer some sense of hope & encouragement, even when the days seem dim and the holiday lights don’t seem to sparkle like they should. 

You are loved. So, so loved. And you are appreciated. So, so appreciated. You are a good dad. No, a great dad. The best. You don’t always have to be strong. Sometimes, tears are the best medicine. The days will get brighter again. Your heart will start to heal. The memory of your son will never fade.  

Because his life has been written on your heart.  


And he’ll always be with you. 


I know this season makes everything especially tough. And nothing anyone says will magically wipe away the feeling that makes your bones and soul ache. 

But you’re strong. Your daughter most definitely thinks so. And I’d bet the rest of your family does too. 

So here’s my virtual hug, my send-off. To let you know that you never have to go it alone. I’m here. Holding your hand. 

John 14:1-4 


If you’d like to participate, the address to send the letter can be found below.

Please send all love letters to:
(We ask that all love letters be in the mailbox by December 20th!)

Steve’s Bundle
c/o Kelsey B.
1008 Alma Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049

Help heal a broken heart with me?



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