New Friday Love: I’ve Been "Minted!"

When was the last time you opened up a letter (yes, a REAL letter) on pretty stationary?
I bet your heart fluttered, for just a second. Or maybe more. Did it feel like love?

Because I’ll admit it. I’m in love.

With stationary.
Pretty stationary.
Pretty, monogrammed stationary.

Thick. Card stock. Paper. Pretty colors. Matching envelopes. I love it all.

Yes, I’m obsessed. Do you blame me? And to feed my obsession (& maybe yours too!), I’d like to introduce you to one of my NEW obsessions, an awesome DIY/stationary/paperie online marketplace called “Minted.”

Minted is more than just a stationary/card company. It’s a community of independent artists and designers from all over the world, and a platform for these artists to show (& sell) their designs & creations to customers who appreciate high-quality, custom work.

For all of my engaged (or soon to be engaged) friends, check out Minted’s adorable Wedding 2014 collection. Seriously, I’m dying.

What impressed me most about the site was the easy-to-follow customization tool that let me create my own personal stationary in a matter of seconds. I’m so obsessed, it took me hours just to narrow my options down to three…. And I need YOUR help to decide which one to order!




Leave some love in the comments below if you have a favorite.
They’re almost too pretty for me to choose just one!



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