Just, Today.

Today was good day.

Today was one of those, “I have nothing on the agenda but time & miles of open road” type days.

Today also happened to be one of those, “let’s have an awesomely spontaneous, motivational coffee date” type days.

Today just all of the sudden became one of those “feel good, eat good, workout good, & treat yourself well” type days.

Man, I love those days.

Don’t you?

Today I ran over 6 miles. For the first time since my 10k this summer.

Today I left Central Park in awe of my body, my legs & my knees for carrying me that far.
I’m in awe I can even go 1 mile, if I’m being honest.

And today, I logged 6.2.

Today, I was proud of myself again.

Today, something — some feeling of accomplishment & strength — moved in me again.

And boy, did it feel good.

It felt so good, I spoiled myself with two new pairs of shoes (they were on sale, I promise!).

Today, after my run, I had coffee with a friend who couldn’t stop smiling while we talked about dreams & plans, and what we were going to do this year to make them happen.

Today, I made big promises to myself.

(Stay tuned!)

And finally — Today I was reminded, once again, why we’re meant to just live for today.



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