Running My Own Race

Have you ever been running next to someone on the treadmill at the gym, and been extremely jealous to see 5+ miles on their screen … while you’re struggling through your first?

Have you ever been out to dinner with a friend, where you order a burger & fries while they order a salad, dressing on the side? And you just can’t help but to doubt if you made the right choice?
Have you ever listened to someone speak about their relationship, complain about dating, and then think to yourself, “Well at least you have someone you care enough to complain about.
Have you ever wished to be more like someone else? To have a life that was easier, more glamorous, less stressful, healthier… just full of something more? Have you ever said to yourself, “Life would so much better if I was just more like her, more like him?”
I’ve never had any of those things happen to me [she says with sarcasm], but if you’ve ever wished for a life outside your own, I’m guessing you can probably relate. If you’ve ever doubted the fact that everyone else is struggling right along with you, and that everyone brings some sort of wound to the table, I’m guessing you can probably relate.
I spent the afternoon today with 700+ Young Life leaders from the NY/NJ/DC/CT/PA area to celebrate & do a little bit of life together. Some of the most incredible people I know were standing in that room with me. Some of the people I look up to, and admire, and do life with regularly. We talked about ministry, we talked about forgiveness, we talked about the power of walking through life with one another, and most importantly to me, we talked about how full we are as individuals, unique in our gifts & talents, our paths and desires, and the way our life unfolds.

Through speakers & song, we created a picture of life similar to that of a race, with ups & downs, highs & lows, moments you want to quit and moments you feel your legs get a [much needed] second wind. 

So I’m just a running amateur. I can’t handle the treadmill as good as the next one.

But that’s ok.
So I have this thing where I’ve always loved a good burger & sweet potato fries (in moderation).
And that’s ok.
You know what, that’s more than ok.
Because that’s me.
And that’s my life.
And burgers make me happy.
And this race, my life, isn’t supposed to be like his or hers, or theirs. It’s supposed to be my own. I have my own struggles. My own fears, insecurities, weaknesses and habits. My own strengths, talents, friendships, dreams and passions.
And that’s ok.
Because when I run this race, the only number I want attached to my shirt is my own.
And I’m running at my own pace.
And that’s ok.


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