"I Really Just Hope You’re Happy"

I was walking home the other night and just had to pause and realize how incredible it was that I am where I am right now. That I proved to that little girl with big dreams that she’d make it there one day. That she’d live in that city she’d only dreamt about.
That city of shining lights and opportunity.
The place where dreams come true.
Tonight’s post is kind of different — and forgive me for being so forward and personal — but I’ve been wanting to write it for a while. It’s a letter to myself. To look back on when I turn 30, or hit some other major personal milestone where I feel as though I’m mature enough to handle it. It’s a letter that will hopefully serve as a reminder of where I’ve been and where I want to go. What I want to do. The lives I want to touch. The difference I want to make.
It’s all in there. And there’s some in between the lines, too.
So read closely.
Your name’s definitely etched in the fabric somewhere.

Dear Meaghan, 

I hope that you look back at this letter in ten years and smile. I hope the memories and the goals I share make the everyday struggles seem insignificant. I hope you laugh about the years you spent bringing a brown bag lunch to work every day to save a few dollars, eating peanut butter & jelly for dinner, paying way too much in rent, calculating exactly how much grocery money would get you through the end of the week, and praying — just praying — that your eyes and your heart would be open to every opportunity laid before you. (New and exciting and risky and fun and challenging and stressful and exhilarating alike). 

But most of all, I hope you’re happy. And not the “oh yeah, I’m happy and content with where I’m at in my life” kind of happy. I mean the happy that’s infectious — that brings a smile to your face in the middle of the day, just because something you thought about made you smile. The happy that’s the first thing others think of when they’re talking about you to someone else. The happy that’s letting go of those crappy insecurities and scars from high school and college. The happy that isn’t defined by what you’ve eaten (or not eaten) that day, or how much time you spent at the gym. The happy that comes with feeling powerful — both your body and your mind. 

Just, happy

I hope you’re still chasing your dreams fiercely and intentionally. I hope you’ve learned what it means to stand up for yourself, and fight for your ideas and be confident in them. I hope you’ve learned that this whole career thing, isn’t simply a race or a competition. It’s more than that. I hope you go to work every day, with the intention of kicking *** and making others notice. I hope you’re the girl that everyone talks about in the office. In a good way. That girl everyone knew would be something someday. And to top it off, I hope you’re the girl who gives back, who mentors, who helps others without expecting something in return. The girl who puts others first.

I hope your job makes you happy

I hope you’re surrounded by only the best people. People that lift you up in times of hardship. People that push you and challenge you. People that aren’t afraid to tell you the harsh and bitter truth. People who care about you. People who’ll pray for you. People who set their bets on you — because they, like you, know how big your dreams are. People who will fight for you. People who will encourage you to break down some of those stupid emotional walls, and have fun. People that are fun. People that know how to have fun. [Can you tell I want to make sure you’re still having fun?!] 

People that make you happy

I hope you haven’t given up writing. In fact, I hope you’ve published a book (or two) already. [That’s right, it’s happening.] I hope you’ve learned from the very best, and that you’ve only increased your desire and your passion to reach people through words. Because words are really special. And words can definitely make you happy. I hope you’re still blogging, and writing, and making art. I hope you’re using your words to paint a beautiful picture of your life. And other’s lives. 

I hope words still make you happy

I hope you haven’t given up on finding love. I hope you still know that it’s in the cards for you. I hope you’re happy in your pursuit of a Christ-centered relationship, because you know that finding someone who shares your heart for life and the gospel will only make everything richer & brighter. I hope you don’t settle. Because you’re worth the world to someone. In fact, you’re worth the world to many people. And I hope that when it does happen, when you do find that person, and when you know…. that you’ll just be really, really happy

And that you’ll say thank you

Thank you for those tough years that taught you everything about what it really means to be happy

Forever Yours,



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