More Than Endorphins & Sore Muscles… It’s About Changing the World

Here’s the thing about training for a half marathon.

It’s a commitment. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s exhilarating. And frustrating. And exciting. And full of wonderful endorphins & sore muscles. And quite possibly the most emotionally and physically taxing commitment I’ve ever signed myself up for.

So why did I do it?

Two reasons:
1) It’s pushing me way outside my comfort zone. When I started running this summer (my first “race” was the 5k color run in Brooklyn!), I would have laughed if you told me I’d sign up for my first half marathon the following spring. I had just wrapped my head around running 3 miles. 13.1 seemed way out of the question, to say the least. And now, in a little over 2 months, I’ll get to prove to myself that with a little hard work and dedication, any goal is really within reach. Even running 13 miles through Washington D.C. (That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy, for sure. You’ll get to hear me whine and complain and celebrate through training, right here. So stay tuned. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.)

2) But more importantly, I’m running for a girl just like this one.

Taken From She’s the First Flickr

A girl who dreams big dreams, just like I do. And has the courage to go to school, even when it’s not really expected of her. A girl who’s confronted by obstacles that you & I simply couldn’t understand. A girl who’s heard over and over again, I’m sure, that girls don’t really need an education. That’s not her place.

But she goes anyway.

And she smiles, because she knows that one day, her education is going to help break barriers. Make a name for herself and her family. Change her community. Better the world.

She’s going to be the FIRST in her family to graduate.

Just look at that smile.


Over the next two months (and beyond), I set an ambitious goal as part of She’s the First’s annual “Run the World” campaign. I’m aiming to raise $625 to sponsor a female student at one of She’s the First’s partner schools in The Gambia, Starfish International.

Throughout every single one of my training runs, and with every mile, I’ll think of that girl. The girl who will get an education, simply because I decided to lace up my shoes that day.

Here’s how you can help (I promise, you don’t even have to run a mile!).

Visit my fundraising page, share my story, tell your friends. Sacrifice a Starbucks latte or pack a brown bag lunch and donate whatever you can. Cause it’ll be so worth it when you see the face of that girl who gets to go to school. I promise.


And when I cross that finish line on April 27th, every single one of you will cross that finish line with me. And we’ll celebrate, and together we’ll do OUR part to help change the world.

(And if that’s not quite enough of an incentive, donors will all receive a personal thank you note — delivered via snail mail!! — the story of the girl I sponsor, a shout-out on my blog, and a permanent thank you in my heart.)

Thank you all for loving & supporting me so well. Now let’s spread the love.

Ready? Set? GO!


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