A Song For Your Soul

You know that moment when the perfect song comes on? You’re sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying an incredibly sweet chai latte with a friend, catching up on “life” stuff, when all of the sudden… THAT SONG. That song comes on that reminds you of that one time you had two quiet hours alone in a car, and you turned up the music so loud you couldn’t hear yourself cry. That one time your soul just needed someone, some voice… something, and that song made everything ok. That one time you promised yourself you’d hold it together during that movie or novel that always tears you down inside, but you just couldn’t help it and THAT SONG broke you down in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

And then there’s that sweet moment. The moment when THAT SONG comes on and you remember all the tough ones. And the moment you’re overwhelmed with an appreciation to feel. An appreciation for strength and endurance. And an appreciation in knowing that everything’s going to be ok.
Just because of that that song… and that moment.

Part of the reason I love coffee dates and catching up with friends is because I usually walk away with some blaring realization, some sense of clarity about life that hits somewhere deep inside. Because friends, whether they know it or not, know right where to hit you. Right where to tell the truth and right where you need that truth the most.

A friend and I were chatting about life earlier this week in a cafe on my corner (where I’m also back writing this blog post). I was lounging in sweats and enjoying a few hours of endorphins after an evening run in the park (it was 65° & so glorious, but that’s another story). We shared stories. She told me about adventures and new opportunities, and a season in life where she’s had to give up a lot and focus on finding purpose, finding happy.

We talked about the city. We talked about how fast people move, and how easy it is to go along pretending like everything’s ok when it’s really, really not. Simply because people here have their own agendas. They’re worrying about their own crap. They, even though they may want to, just simply don’t have time to worry about yours. We talked about what it means to slow down. To enjoy another’s company. To trust. To see with open eyes and open hearts, and to re-evaluate how we see the world. We talked about a lot of things. Real, real deep human things.

And we also laughed. We laughed about the things that make us human, that make us young people. That make us flawed and beautiful and perfect. The things that scream, “yes, we’re still trying to figure this stuff out.” I smiled and started thinking about laughter. About how laughter connects us in a way that goes beyond conversation. A shared experience. A shared sense of joy. All from a couple cups of tea and few stories. Fullness & appreciation. Just because of one little coffee date.

Just a little post-script…

I feel like the city’s been speaking to me lately. And not in a weird creepy way that’s all, the sidewalks have feelings and the park has a mind of its own (although wouldn’t that be cool). But in a way that’s like, you know how to move quickly, now show me how to move a little slower. Breathe in the sunshine & appreciate the rain. Appreciate my beautiful again.

Which, admittedly, would be a whole lot easier if mother nature would make up its mind. One day, it’s 65° and everyone and their brother is outside adventuring through Central Park in running shorts and tank tops. And you walk past ice cream trucks on your way home. And then the next day, you’re walking to work when all the sudden you realize little snow flurries landing on the (not so heavy) coat you’re wearing in anticipation of warm, spring weather… SNOW FLURRIES.

But then a few magical days later, you’re sitting outside on Columbus Ave, enjoying a slow cup of tea on a Saturday and remembering the beautiful again. Life is awesome. ‘Aint it?



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